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    A Case for Becoming More Gentle in Your Life

    If 2020 has taught me anything—and God help us all if it hasn’t imprinted a laundry list of lessons onto our nervous systems—it’s a sense of impermanence. Entire industries can implode. Two of them I worked in did. So can relationships. In mine, on a Tuesday we were planning details for a road trip to
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    When Father’s Day is Different for You

    It’s hard to find the right words to explain a day of public celebration and personal dread. (If Hallmark knew them, we could purchase them from tiered displays with labels like “Daddy Issues.”) What do you do on holidays when holidays are hard? When your relationship with your dad isn’t what you hoped, what do
  • 08/31/2020

    10 Reasons You Need Us Introverts

    Let’s face it: Recess, the lunch room, the school bus, class discussions, and (God, help us) group projects are dominated by extroverts, and we introverts have always had to work a little harder to stay in the game. (Even when it’s not a game we particularly care to be in.) Entire industries can implode. Two
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    Marriage Is Too Important to Take It Too Seriously

    Obviously, my intent was to give couples way more than a book. I’d neatly tuck a $50 check between the chapters “Is Conflict Avoidance Dysfunctional?” and “Recommendations for a Stable Marriage,” and attach a thoughtfully written, mostly-not-trite card about how happy marriage will be a daily choice (it is, btw), how they will need to
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    5 Simple Ways to Remind People That You Love Them

    Let’s talk about love. Not Kardashian-level Kenny G and rose petals love. (If you can even call that the “l” word.) Here we’re breaking down five ultra-simple ways to remind your best people that they’re, well, the best. No big gestures, no big spending necessary. Entire industries can implode. Two of them I worked in